Dance Performance

(20:00, 10th Aug. & 14:00, 11th Aug. 2016)


A New Dance Work - Title Pending

In addition to being merely choreographers, Yuan and Poletti are also video-dance artists and have, in recent years, made and broadcasted, a number of video-dance works internationally. It is our hope during this residency, to discover the city of Seoul and it’s heart and then convey it through our works, both dance and video-dance, thereby creating works that embody the city itself in their delivery and expression.


The cityscape has a propensity for combining social relations, which in turn makes it a carrier of not only space but also culture. Combining these elements furthers social progress and forces a certain polymerization of the city where many different things meet and combine, resulting in greater expansion of the city, the people, the society and its nature. However, the relationship between these many different aspects is extremely complex, so we begin to seek distance and emotional space in order to accommodate for the rapidly growing relationship and its myriad of faces.


Human emotions can be simple or complex, but many people are not truly free from society as a whole. There are many complex social mechanisms that drive our actions, which can sometimes interfere with and break the harmony between people, because we are constantly distracted and caught up by game we play with these superficial yet in many cases deeply traditional habits.


It is not our intention in this piece to focus specifically upon the city of Seoul, but rather to focus on the relationship between a city and its people in general. It is our preference to use a trio structure to choreograph and a dance theatre style in order to properly capture the concept and tension. In this project we are planning to use Louisa Poletti as a first person perspective. We believe that using a Westerner will be the best way to highlight our concept in Seoul, for it will clearly display society's curiosity or sense of distance when faced with something, or someone, foreign to their region. This of course will be displayed through the final image of dance, video-dance projection and drama elements that will be the combination and culmination of our month of work.