IF Productions


Creativity, ideas and notions are timeless things. They can appear with a second’s warning, or they can mature and ferment like a fine wine, but I’ll wager that they all include the magic phrase


What IF?


This is the very question we explore in so many ways in the artistic field, particularly in dance. We keep pushing our bodies wondering


What IF I go further?

What IF I move this way?

What IF I try this?


It is on this very principle that IF Productions was founded. The wonder of where that IF might take you and what beautiful things can evolve from it.

We dared to wonder


What IF we took our ideas further and how could we help them bring this same wonder to others?


This was our answer.

IF Productions is a group devoted to creating, performing and producing artistic, high quality works from these very questions and it is our mission to share these journeys of inspiration and madness with the world.